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Thursday, September 27, 2007

My favourite clay artists - Info EXPOSED!

During the course of my clay bead making adventures, I came to know 3 very favourite clay bead artists that made a difference in my hobby life. They have been true inspirations and have shown me support in my work. I'm really glad to have found my own community of clay crafters whom I look up to. They are all artists' with their own rights and excel in their own ways with clay crafting.

With their blessings, it gives me the greatest pleasure to dedicate a space in my blog to each of them. If you have found them through my blog and wish to acquire their fantastic works, do support them too! And have them know you found them here. =)

Karina of Kabi Designs, USA (New York)

Celia of Cêbijux Beads, Portugal (Seia)

Sagit of Sigaliot Designs, Israel (Karmiel)

To end this post, I would like to share 2 quotes that is food for your thoughts - to friends and customers that had shared with me the woes of work, study and crafting life. (You know who you are.) Chin up gals!

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can be great" ~ Mark Twain

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." ~ Leo Buscaglia

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank you!!

Today's beads were taken up very very quickly!! All are reserved and the successful ones will have your initials next to the items you've placed order for. Give me a moment while I update that.

You will hear from me by the end of the day.


AC311 x 2 (Sold Out)

Bright red base with yellow, gold & mauve colored designs makes these beads.
The teardrop beads here have pin holes in top-down and a large lentil as focal. Glossed.

A set has 1 lentil focal + 4 teardrop shape beads.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$13.00

This is my last post today.

AC310 x 2 (Sold Out)

*Debut transfer image creation*

These are my first image transfers to pillow and I like the contrast in colors!
Yellow base with gold trimming and black floral images. Diagonal pin holes. Glossed.

A set has 4 pcs of pillows.
2 sets available.
Special debut price a set : S$10.00

AC309 x 2 (Sold Out)

I really love this set of heart shape beads in sweet flower design which contrast with the black strips on the other side adds some edginess to it. =)

A set has 1 focal + 4 mini hearts.
2 sets available.
Price for a set : S$13.00

AC308 x 3 (Sold Out)

Tile beads with floral design. Glossed.

A set has 4 pcs.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$9.00

AC307 x 3 (Sold Out)

Square beads in blue and yellow floral. Glossed.

A set has 4 pcs.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$9.00

AC306 x 2 (Sold Out)

Fancy something vintage? This set has the colors.
Glossed with silver glitters.

A set has 1 rectangle focal + 4 lentils.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$13.00

AC305 x 2 (Sold Out)

A special set of focals in matching design.
A new shape was created with the pin wheel in mind again - the largest of the lot, it has a light pink rhinestone crystal embedded & 3 mini pearls surrounding it.
The teardrop shape also has a clear rhinestone crystal embedded on the side.

A set consists of 2 lentils + 1 large pin wheel + 1 teardrop focals.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$16.00

AC304 x 4 (Sold Out)

*Limited Edition Set*

The pillows have dual design on front and back - one in stripes and the other a floral design.
Forgot to create peforated line in the picture to indicate pin hole is diagonal (from tip to tip).
Lentils have matching design with pillows. Glossed.

This set has 1 pair each of pillows + focal lentils.
4 sets available.
Price a set : S$13.00

AC303 x 2 (Sold Out)

Lentils in dark blue undertones, white and fuschia lace. Glossed with silver glitters.

A set of these lentils have 5 pcs.
2 sets available.
One set @ S$11.00

AC302 x 3 (Sold Out)

Special fuschia set in biege & white settings & pretty pink floral. Glossed.

1 set has 1 heart shape focal + 4 lentils.
3 sets available.
1 set @ S$13.00

AC301 x 2 (Sold Out)

*Fun focal set*

Brightly colored butterfly focal pendant with 3 mini rhinestones embedded and copper wired feelers. Glossed.

A set comes with 1 focal butterfly + 2 lentils.
2 sets available.
Special debut price a set : S$11.00

AC300 x 2 (Sold Out)

*Fun Focal Set*

I kept thinking of pin wheels when making this batch of beads. And came out with this creation!
The back of the pin wheel focal has a pin hole through to work with - can be double up as a button if you want. =) Centre holds a rhinestone crystal. Mixture of colors are very 60's. Glossed.

This set comes in 1 focal + 2 lentils.
2 sets available.
Special debut price a set : S$9.00

Hello & M.I.A.

Dear friends and customers,

thank you for dropping me with your emails in anticipation of seeing my new batch of beads. =) I also cannot wait to share with you because I think I've set my own record by producing one of the largest number of beads to date! =P

There are a few new range of beads I've added in for this batch. You will see 2 sets with fun shape focals, a set of pillows made using image transfers, new shapes & many sets of matching assortments! If you would like to see more of the fun shape ones, please let me know so that I can work on improving them.

The reason why I've more beads to showcase today is because of my expected absence during the weekly uploads. As a reminder, I will (probably) not be able to make any new beads for the month of October as I will be relocating to a temporary home until my current home's renovation is over. However when time permits (or when the hands start to "itch") I will spring surprise uploads - but please do not ask me when will my surprise be as it will be impromptu makings.

When I do return for my regular update on Tuesdays, I will probably change my upload schedule to alternate Tuesday instead of every Tuesday as I foresee I will be very busy with home and children affairs. This will also allow me to produce more beads at one go and you can save on postage too! =) I will confirm this new arrangement again in due course.

I hope you will not forget about me when I go MIA for a while and I hope you will continue to check back regularly for any updates or surprise uploads during this time. ^_^

Thanks everyone for giving me such a wonderful experience creating beads for you and knowing that they have been well received by your customers makes it even more worth while.

Apologies for this long post this morning! Beads are coming right up around 10am (SGP time).


Thursday, September 20, 2007


These are just some of the beads you will be seeing on my next upload next Tuesday, 25/9.
You can also expect some other kinds of new clay bead, making their debut in my blog. =p
So keep this date with me if you wish to purchase and work with my beads.

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Today's surprise batch of beads are all taken up. Thank you! Hope you will enjoy working with my beads. =)

AC299 x 2 (Sold Out)

This set has 2 barrel shape beads & 2 lentils in fuschia, tinges of yellow, beige and translucent.
Sorry again, I had no time to gloss the beads which I will do so later. Glossing will bring out the colors better.

2 sets available.
1 set @ S$9.00

This is all for my surprise upload today. =)

AC298 x 3 (Sold Out)

Do you like vintage?
Picture shows beads still not glossed as I had no time for that today. I will be glossing the beads to bring out the colors even better.
This set has 1 rectangle bead, 2 lentils and 2 square beads.

3 sets available.
1 set @ S$10.00

AC297 x 3 (Sold Out)

I love assortments! =)
This matching set has 1 focal lentil, 2 mini hearts & 2 rounds.
Colors in beige, translucent base with tinges of yellow, fuschia, red and gold.

3 sets available.
1 set @ S$12.00

A surprise for all!

Dear friends and visitors,

I've decided that occasionally (aside from my regular uploads for Tuesdays), I will spring a few sets of surprise batch of beads on my blog. Now, I won't be able to tell you when the exact day and time for it because these are impromptu makings. I will only be able to announce it on the day itself. So do check back on my blog from time to time.

Today I will be uploading an limited edition batch of beads. There will not be many sets but I hope that those who have been following up on my works and unable to acquire them so far, may have the chance to do so today. =)

Please check back in the afternoon (between 3pm-4pm Singapore time) and as usual, use the order form in my blog. (it's working fine now *wink*)

See you later!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


All beads have been sold. Thanks so much for your overwhelming support! Reservations are made under your initials so you will know if you got the beads you wanted. =) I will contact all successful buyers by the end of the day about your orders.

Sorry also about the hiccup on my order form today... and thanks for all your emails.

My next bead upload will be on 25 Sept 2007 so do look out for it.

Cheers and have a great week!


My order form seems to be down this morning. Please send your orders via email today. Apologies for the inconvenience.

AC296 x 3 (Sold Out)

Fuschia based with pearl & black outlined flowers.

3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.00

This is my last item today.

AC295 x 3 (Sold Out)

Sea green with pink and glossed with silver glitters.

3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC294 x 3 (Sold Out)

These are my favourites today. =)
4 red hearts with blue border coming in together with black twines on sides. White based with red trimmings on pillow. The pin hole for these goes through the corners as illustrated in white.
This is a limited edition design and glossed.

3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$11.00

AC293 x 3 (Sold Out)

Sea blue color with pink & translucent base. Glossed.

3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC292 x 2 (Sold Out)

Limited edition pillows in dark brown base, light red swirls & chilli red edges.

2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$11.00

AC291 x 3 (Sold Out)

Black based lentils with flower. Glossed.

3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC290 x 3 (Sold Out)

Mosaic design round beads. Glossed.

3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$5.00

AC289 x 2 (Sold Out)

Pink floral design with matching assorted colors in translucent base.

2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.00

Good day!

I hope everyone's been well!

Today's batch of beads are mostly lentils, with some pillow beads in limited edition design. I would appreciate if all buyers will collate your orders into one form and submit only after my last item is uploaded.

Thank you very much in advance for your co-operation.

Please enjoy my beads! =)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Preview of beads...

Lots of lentils for this batch. =)
Available for sale tomorrow. Please check back between 10am-11am.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thank you for your poll!

I appreciate those who have stopped by and contributed to the poll. It looks like I'll have to stick with the current way of managing the sale of my beads. =)

I've received some feedback on selling at Etsy but that's not something on my priority list right now because of the listing costs involved. So until then, this is still the best way to showcase the sale of my beads. Though I very much welcome any ideas you think would be suitable for the kind of fixed day sale I have.

As much as I wish to give everybody an equal opportunity to work with my beads, I will have to reiterate that the reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. That is why I always stress that to be fair to all buyers, order forms should only be submitted after the last item is uploaded which I diligently announce.

*I will NOT entertain order forms that come in during the period of my uploads*
(Please please remember this as you will not find your name in the reservation list.)

After you submit the form, I don't have control whose order form comes in first because it may depend on your internet speed or the server (which is U.S. based) hosting my order form. I receive the order forms all properly sorted in time sequence so I will base on that to reserve the beads - and not because of the assumption that you may be the first one to submit the form.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope I've enlightened many new & would-be buyers about my administration.


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