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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Store Policies

New batches of beads will be uploaded for sale when I can find the time to produce the clay beads. I hope you can be patient with me but I will try my best to make some once or twice a month.

As soon as I get my beads organised, I will update my blog for sale date and time. Please check back frequently.


Please check my blog status for your item reservation status. Your reservation is successful if you see your initials or nickname next to the items you ordered.

You will receive an email with details by the next day to complete your transaction.

*As the bead orders have been very overwhelming, reservations have to be transacted within 3 days else it will be offered to the next buyer on the line. As such, delayed payment requests will not be entertained.*

Payments MUST be received within 3 working days upon order confirmation. (3 days is really more than sufficient time for you to settle your transactions.) However, if there are any delays, please inform me promptly and I'll try my best to accommodate you. (these are on a case by case basis depending if there are any waitlist buyers.) Bank details will be provided in the email.

I do not appreciate bogus buyers who place orders and do not respond to reminder emails when payment is required to be made. Those who are sincere but have a change of mind in buying the beads will have the conscience to inform the seller.

Would appreciate if all could try to complete the transactions as stipulated. Please allow shipment of package within 2 working days after funds are received.

As sellers, we should be aware of the risk of lost mail when opting for standard mail. I will do my part to ensure your address is correctly written, beads protected from possible mishandling during transition and package properly sealed. However, once the package is in the mail box, I am in no position to control it. If you are concerned, I urge you to take up registered mail at an additional S$2.80 per package.

*All information are subjected to changes.

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