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Thursday, October 30, 2008

AC523 x 1 (Sold)

Teardrop pendant in purplish base and gold foil. Please know direction of pin hole from picture.
Comes with matching lentils.
Price : S$12.00

This is my last item today.

AC522 x 1 (Sold)

Pink based flower pot beads with baby blue fabric rose. Rhinestone swarovski crystal embedded on pot. Comes with sweet heart beads.
Price : S$12.00

AC521 x 1 (Sold)

Pink tone flower pots with pink fabric rose. Rhinestone swarovski crystal embedded on pot. Comes with sweet heart beads.
Price : S$12.00

AC520 x 1 (Sold)

Beigey/pinkish tone base pot with white fabric rose. Rhinestone swarovski crystal embedded in pot. Comes with matching lentils.
Price : S$12.00

AC519 x 1 (Sold)

Pink rectangle beads and matching hearts.
Price : S$12.00

AC518 x 1 (not available)

Oval beads with gold clay frame with gothic color theme. Comes with matching heart beads.
Price : S$12.00

AC517 x 1 (Sold)

Pair of white feathered doves in pink tone body and blue floral wings. Clear rhinestone swarovski crystal is used for the the eye.
Price : S$8.00

AC516 x 1 (Sold)

Pink floral pair of doves with lt.rose swarovski crystal rhinestone for eyes.
Price : S$8.00

AC515 x 1 (Sold)

Pinkish/beige tone mini hearts and teardrop set.
Great size to work with if you love to wire bead details on your creations.
Price : S$8.00

Bead Sale today!

Good morning!

I'll be uploading my new batch of beads in a very short while. I've kept each item very exclusive and all comes in a set only. As mentioned in my previous post, several items are uniquely shaped beads which were a sell-out from my earlier batches. I believe these are my original creations that will stay very unique to its owners. =)

Kindly collate your orders in one email and send it along to me once the last item is uploaded.

Hope you like my latest creations.

Note : Sale does not apply for new batch of beads.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clearance Sale at CWL

Do your last bid for a good cause and help spread the word.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Next Bead Sale!

Hello everyone!

As my son's exams are coming to an end, I am more relaxed and in the midst of planning/making fresh clay bead designs.

There will be a come back of some popular sold out beads I had made in the past but I am keeping it in very exclusive quantity. I hope it will add a bit more novelty to your jewelry creations.

I am planning to have the next bead sale this coming Thursday morning between 9-10am so please remember to make a date with me.

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog Treats!!

I am now having a blog shop sale! =D

*Buy any 2 sets to enjoy 10% off.
*Buy any 3 sets to enjoy 15% off.
*Buy any 4 sets or more to enjoy 25% off!

**SPECIAL clearance beads section now going for 50% off within a minimum of 2 sets purchase**

This sale will end on 31 October.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Short Hiatus

Hello everyone,

Hope everything is keeping you well!

the school semester exams are around the corner so I will probably not upload any new beads this month to help prepare for my son's sitting. =) It's his first official exam so you can imagine how jittery I am. LOL! However, customisations are still open if you are keen to order clay beads. I hope to bring you more exciting stuff soon!

By the way, I am having a members' special on Facebook. Members (or member wanna-be) please hop down to my FB group and check out what's in store!

Till then, have a great week ahead!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Registered mail service is resumed!

From today onwards, I am resuming registered mail/airmail services for all buyers! Currently, all registered mail requests will be made on Thursdays only.

Thank you to my regular buyers (and especially my overseas buyers) for your sweetest patience with me for the past 9 weeks! I am now trying to resume walking though I still can't fully weight bear on my injured foot yet. I am just very happy that I need not rely on my crutches anymore. =D

Till then, have a great rest of the week!!

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