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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Artists' Feature

Sagit of Sigaliot Designs, Israel (Karmiel)

Who is she?
Sagit is a polymer clay artist based in Israel and does much more than beads!

How does her work inspire you?
The first time I viewed her works, I was immediately attracted to all the bold and striking colors she uses. Sometimes you can never imagine how certain colors can go so well with each other and hers never fail to do that! They are always so cheery and colorful... it just brightens your day. So for that, I am definitely inspired.

How do I feel about her work?
I feel that Sagit has one of the best pillow beads around. I love the fact that they are all so artistically produced. I am drawn to her color combinations!

Find Sagit's work @ Sigialot Designs

Celia of Cêbijux Beads, Portugal (Seia)

Who is she?
Celia is an art teacher and also a polymer clay artist based in Portugal. We met at Flickr.

How does her work inspire me?
I love Celia's matching color combinations that is always very natural and her rose canes! Her round ball beads are also one of the best I've seen around. Her color blends of her lentils also seems perfect all the time. I can always imagine using her beads for my own jewelry so how can I not be inspired!

How do I feel about her work?
I think she does a wonderful job with her beads - she definitely has a natural flair! Her jewelry line using her clay beads are very artsy yet without compromising the femininity. Now that's my kind of style. *wink*

Find Celia's work @ Cêbijux beads

Karina of Kabi Designs, USA (New York)

Who is she?
Karina is a clay bead artist and based in New York city. She was my first contact when I was curious about polymer clay.

How does her work inspire me?
Well, I was awed by her skills and I remember asking her many questions about learning the ways to handle clays - the sanding and the buffing. Her works are made better by the day from the time I've known her and what still amazes me is that she buffs her works till it has the natural gloss effect. That is something that requires a lot more work and I truly respect that because I can't do that!

How do I feel about her work?
Karina does wonderful work with image transfers and her jewelry line boasts a ethnic look. Her trademark (to me) would be her pendants and other focals. Her clay figurines are also a joy to view. My favourite is the mermaid!

Find Karina's work @ Etsy

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