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Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring, sprung, sprang.

I made this cherry blossom cane a few days ago... and I can't wait to produce the beads for the next sale. =)
Make a date with me next Tuesday between 2-3pm SGP time.
Meantime, have a great week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AC407 x 1 (Sold)

These are also suitable for assymetrical necklace creations but larger than AC406.
In beige base tone with assorted colors for a modern look.
Only 1 set available.
Price : S$14.00

Please collate your orders in one email. This is my last item today.
Hope you've enjoyed my creations! =)

AC406 x 1 (Sold)

These beads are in yellow base, glittered in gold with green leaves and golden flowers. Color gives a vintage feel.
Suitable for assymetrical necklace creations.
Only 1 set.
Price : S$12.00

AC405 x 2 (Sold Out)

Pink rose and fuschia flower lentils and heart shape beads with golden strips on sides.

A set consists of 2 lentils + 2 hearts.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$11.00

AC404 x 1 (Sold)

This is a dove focal pendant. (note the size!)
It is yellow base and slightly crackled in its body design, if you can see clearly.
I've decorated the dove with a xillon chaton swarovski crystal for the eye for extra sparkle. The wing also has a normal crystal with mini pearl beads on the edges.
It's one of my favourite today.
Only 1 exclusive piece.
Price : S$10.00

AC403 x 2 (Sold Out)

These doves are pretty special. I've covered their skin tone bodies in white flower lace and it gives out a very victorian era feel.

I have 2 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$6.00

AC402 x 2 (Sold Out)

Another black base set of beads with fuschia flowers. This one has a slanted heart shape focal with 3 mini pearl beads inclusion and 2 baby hearts to go along with. Sweet!

2 sets available.
Price a set : S$12.00

AC401 x 2 (Sold Out)

To all the black color fans out there, I hope you like these. =)
Black base lentils and pear shape drops covered with white lace flower, fuschia flower and gold ones too. All in all, I think they make an attractive statement. =p

A set has a pair of lentils + a pair of pear shape drops.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$11.00

AC400 x 1 (Sold)

I am once again, trying out something new. =)
This round flat blue pendant with white lace flowers are embedded with czech drop translucent baby blue beads to form a flower and a light pink crystal in the centre.
It looks quite good in a stand-alone piece on a simple chain. Something you would want to wear to the beach!

Only 1 exclusive piece.
Price : S$7.50

AC399 x 2 (Sold Out)

Copper tone pillow beads with white lace flower and fuschia pink flower canes. There are also strips of gold design on the bead that are not too visible in my pictures though. Great for earthen colored creations. Pin holes are top-down from centre.

Only 2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price a set : S$12.00

AC398 x 2 (Sold Out)

If you had missed the previous batch yellow pillow beads, here's some more for you! Colors like lemon drops, this set has white lace flowers with green gerberas on them.

A set has a pair of pillows and 2 round ones.
2 sets available.
Price a set : S$10.00

AC397 x 2 (Sold Out)

More doves selection today. These are in fuschia pink with fun-loving retro style wings. The eyes are embedded with tiny pearl beads.

Only 2 pairs available.
Price per pair : S$6.00

AC396 x 2 (Sold Out)

Pretty pink base heart shape floral focals, pin holes are top-down.
These are sold seperately.
Only 2 pcs available.
Price per piece : S$6.00

Bead Sale Today

Hi there!

I will be uploading beads for sale between 2-2.30pm SGP time. But wait, there's something extra today. =)

I am injecting in a little fun than the usual. There are 2 pairs of green gold glittered doves with orange flower wings to giveaway!

I think these are perfect for Earth Day coming next month. It is a reminder that we should care more for our environment as much as possible. We can all play a part and make a difference. Remember to go green ya!! =D

To own a pair of these exclusive 'Earth Day Doves' with my compliments (worth S$6 a pair), be the first two to complete your payment transaction (only after receiving my email confirmation) with a minimum purchase of S$16.00 to qualify.

I hope you'll like my designs today. See you later. =)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sneak Peek!

See you at my next sale on 25 March 08, 2-3pm SGP time.
Have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bead Unique magazine

Hello there,

I have just completed reading a recently published bead magazine - Bead Unique issue #16 which I had purchased last week. Its still brand new and I don't want it to go to waste. I'm letting it go for S$8.00 with local standard postage. I had purchased it for S$14.90.

If interested, please drop me an email to ade.claybeads@gmail.com


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your enquiries answered here.

I had quite a number of enquiries for my dove beads yesterday. I apologise that there was not enough for sale. But I will work on some more for the next sale on 25 March. It really made me happy to receive your compliments on them. =)

I also received a few other enquiries about where I got the shape "cutters" for the doves as well as the heart shaped ones. The "cutters" I use are all from my hands! In case you are wondering, I've never used cutters nor bead rollers to achieve any bead shapes. I meticulously shape each bead by hand and making sure that they are consistent in size and shape as much as possible. Thus also the reason why, I don't make more than a dozen for each design. I also try to keep my prices as affordable as possible and also not forgetting the time and effort I put into making them. =)

Thanks for all your emails! Do keep them coming...

Cheers to all and have a great week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AC395 x 2 (Sold Out)

These are something very new that I am trying. I was inspired by a very talented artist - Joanna I met at Dawanda.com.

I only have 2 pairs of pink colored doves. I think they will be great for earring creations. If you think they will be a hit, please let me know and I will try to make more in the future.

Introductory price for 1 pair : S$5.00

This is my last entry today. Please collate and submit your orders via email.


AC394 x 1 (Sold)

A very pretty red heart focal. Unlike the usual heart shape beads I make with has more volume in the middle, this one is flat. But equally pretty. =)
Only 1 piece.
Price : S$6.00

AC392 x 1 (Sold)

A pink sweet teardrop pendant.
Only 1 piece.

AC393 x 1 (Sold)

This is a smaller teardrop pendant compared to the previous one I uploaded.
Its in salmon tone with lots of flower design on it.
Only 1 piece.
Price : S$5.00

AC391 x 2 (Sold Out)

These are new shapes that I am trying out. I felt the 3 color combi goes well together if you use them all in a necklace creation thus the reason why I am selling these in a mixture.

I have 2 sets available. A set has 1 orange, 1 pink and 1 purple bead.

Price for a set : S$7.00

AC390 x 4 (Sold Out)

I also love these round ones! I managed to mix the colors to get a denim blue base and a really pretty shade of purple.

I have 4 sets available. A set consists of a pair of blue and a pair of purple.

Price a set : S$7.00

AC389 x 2 (Sold Out)

These bright colored pillow beads reminds me of lemon drop candy. It is one of my favourite from this batch. =)

2 sets available.
A set consists of 4 pillow beads in diagonal pin hole.

Price : S$12.00

AC388 x 1 (Sold)

*This is an exclusive set*
Sweet heart beads in beige tone with gold sprinklies. =)

Price : S$12.00

AC387 x 3 (Sold Out)

Yummy-licious rich salmon colored beads.

3 sets available.
A set consists of 1 heart focal + 2 teardrops.

Price for a set : S$12.00

AC386 x 3 (Sold Out)

Natural earth tone beads on this set. I've embedded a gold plated dragon fly frolicking among the flowers for the square focal. =)

3 sets of 1 focal + 2 lentils available.
Price for a set : S$13.00

Today's creations

I am excited to upload today's creations because I feel I have tread on new waters to explore other ways of achieving color combinations. I am happy with the results so far and I hope that you will like them too! Lots of flowers in this batch.

If you have also noticed, I had changed my blog banner again because its spring!! It signifies fun, cheery and girlish eye candy creations that is meant for all to enjoy.

I will also be having a poll going at the side bar so do give me your feedbacks.

Stay tuned for my beads coming up around 2pm...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Candy-licious colored beads for sale on 11 March 08.
See you!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Client's feature in magazine

was featured in an article in 'Manja' (a popular Malay entertainment magazine) - March 2008 issue. I am glad that she has shared with me this picture of the article which featured her creations using my clay beads!

So here I am, sharing the thrill of my beads printed in a magazine article with you.

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