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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A new poll on my blog & announcements

Hi all,

I am thinking of migrating my sale of beads to Ebay.sg as I feel maybe it will work out better for all buyers to have a chance in acquiring my beads. There will be no bidding involved - you would just need to click on the 'Buy It Now' and know straight away if you got the beads. The only inconvenience here is that you would have to be a registered Ebay member which has no fee involved.

If the poll results are positive, I will see into how best to work out with Ebay listings and keep you all informed. Please do note that it will take some time to get some things sorted out.

Appreciate your participation in this quick poll ya! =)

Also, I may not be able to respond to emails promptly from this Sunday onwards till Friday. Do bear with the slight inconvenience if you have an enquiry for me. I'll try my best to revert asap.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update of availability

Thanks all for your swift orders today. =)

All are taken/sold out.

I will contact the successful buyers by the end of the day about your orders.

Have a great weekend!

*AC288 x 2 (Sold Out)

Orangey under translucent design with black, white, silver and copper design.
Glossed. 2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$7.00

This is my last item today. Please only use order form to place your orders.
Thank you!

AC287 x 2 (Sold Out)

My favourite today. =)
Lentils in assorted colored flowers. Glossed.
2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$9.50

AC286 x 2 (Sold Out)

Rectangular focals in gold, copper, translucent and red strips.
With a teardrop crystal and 3 mini ones embedded. Glossed.
2 pcs available.
1 pc @ S$6.50

AC285 x 2 (Sold Out)

Another special edition.
2 teardrops + 2 round beads in beige tone and blue flowers. Glossed.
2 sets available.
1 set @ S$8.50

AC284 x 2 (Sold Out)

A special edition creation.
Purple pillows with random orange/red/white strips.
Glossed with silver glitters and butterfly motifs.
2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$9.50

AC283 x 3 (Sold Out)

Blue flower lentils, glossed with silver glitters.
3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$7.00

AC282 x 3 (Sold Out)

Heart focals with rhinestone crystal embedded.
3 pcs available.
1 pc @ S$6.00

AC281 x 3 (Sold Out)

This is a special set comprising of 2 lentils + 2 squares.
3 sets available.
Price for 1 set @ S$9.50

AC280 x 3 (Sold Out)

Square shape with diagonal pin hole in black/white stripe swirls with pink cherry blossom. Glossed.
3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.50

*AC278 x 3 (Sold Out)

Lentils glossed with silver glitters.
3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
Price for 1 set @ S$7.00

*AC279 x 2 (Sold Out)

Black/white stripe pillows with random rose motifs on both sides.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$8.00

Hi everyone...

Today I will have a few items going at lower prices. When you see an * marked beside the item code, those are the ones. =)

Please be reminded that the next upload of beads is on 11 Sept 07.

Do remember to collate your orders in one form and submit only after the last item is uploaded.

Thanks and enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I practiced my wiring today...

... with a heart shape bead I took from AC261 which is still unsold. =)

If anyone is keen to buy over the beads with my wirework on the heart, please let me know. I imagine it'll be a very rustic creation.

Have a look and maybe tell me what you think. :p

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Change in schedule uploads (temporary)

Dear all,

My family and I are preparing to relocate to another apartment to make way for renovation work in our home. Due to this personal commitment, my weekly upload schedule of new beads will be staggered until further notice.

28 Aug 07
11 Sept 07
25 Sept 07

I may not be able to upload new beads for the month of October 07 but should be able to resume again in November 07. I will keep you all posted in my blog.

Do also expect another round of staggered dates in December 07 when we will prepare to move back home. ^_^

Thanks for all your support and I really appreciate your encouragement!

p.s. and to all that enquired about customised beads, apologies that I can't open up this now because of this personal commitment... am really tied up... do bear with me. =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thanks for your orders!

All items have been reserved/sold.

I will revert to successful buyers by the end of today.

Have a great week!

AC277 x 3 (Sold Out)

Pink cherry blossom round beads. A set comes in 4 pcs in the exact bead combination you see in the photo. Glossed.

3 sets available.
1 set @ S$6.00

This is my last item today.

AC276 x 3 (Sold Out)

This set has pink cherry blossom flowers on it. Glossed.
4 lentils + 2 mini hearts per set.

3 sets available.
1 set @ S$12.00

AC275 x 4 (Sold Out)

These blue cherry blossom pillows are the highlight today.
Another limited edition item. Glossed.

4 pairs available only.
1 pair @ S$7.00

AC274 x 3 (Sold Out)

This is one of the limited edition cherry blossom bead set.
In pink trimmings for the pillows and translucent blossoms all around it (if you can see it in the photo). Very oriental looking. These are glossed.

3 sets of 2 pillows + 1 heart focal available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC273 x 3 (Sold Out)

White based pillows with yellow & turqoise flower. Note the centre of flower is a rose design. :)

3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$10.00

AC272 x 2 (Sold Out)

Unconventional colored heart focals with 3 pearl inclusions.

2 sets of 2 pcs available.
1 set @ S$11.00

AC271 x 2 (Sold Out)

Translucent with gold & turqoise rectangular focals.
With gorgeous chaton swarovski crystal embedded on each piece.

2 sets of 2 pcs each available.
Price for a set : S$12.00

AC270 x 2 (Sold Out)

Brick undertone with white, translucent & black/fuschia flower lentils.
Glossed with silver glitters.

2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
Price for a set : S$9.00


First of all, would like to thank everyone for your email enquiries and patience (especially those that wrote to me having withdrawal symptoms :p) over the past week.

I would like to reiterate for the benefit of new customers/visitors that the reason why I do not have a mailing list available is because I have clearly announced that new beads will be uploaded on every Tuesday (unless otherwise stated) between the time of 10am-2pm (Singapore time). Moreover, I do not accept advance reservation of beads so it defeats the purpose for me. It does make more sense though, to have a mailing list when you sell your jewelry creations or other clothes & accessories because you may not have a specific day to sell them.

This weeks' batch of beads contain more pillow beads than before. I've also a few limited edition cherry blossom series of beads.

I hope you will enjoy today's upload and do please collate & submit your orders one-time only after all is uploaded to be fair to all the buyers.

Thank you!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Some of the beads I've made for next week's upload to look forward to. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Montage of customised beads

Some of the customisations I had been working on the past week... these are all exclusive to their new owners. :D Thanks for your confidence in my clay art!

I still have many more orders to go... I hope to be able to complete them very soon. I am also working extremely hard to come out with new batches of beads for upload next Tuesday. So do come back soon and check on the new creations.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Showcasing ~lov3accessories~ creation

For more information, please visit the artists' blog HERE

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Early closure for customisation requests.

As from tonight, I will have to decline new requests for customisation of beads. Sorry to disappoint those who were planning for custom beads to be made. I sincerely apologise for this change of plan and I will open customisations again when I have cleared all the current batches of orders that I have quoted and/or accepted deposits.

It really was unexpected to receive all your overwhelming requests so I need some breathing space and inspiration to work on all your requests! I am grateful and very happy that so many of you place so much confidence in my clay art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :D

Here's wishing all a great National Day tomorrow!

Customisation Form

Apologies to those that attempted to send me the customisation request form which apparently was down for a while.

I've rectified the problem this morning and is working fine now. Please re-submit your requests. For those that had emailed me eventually, I will revert to you later today.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Customisation is open!

Dear all,

I am opening up bead customisation this week. Last day for customisation submission is 11 Aug.

Please use this form I had just created when requesting for a quotation for better efficiency. :)


AC269 x 2 (Sold Out)

Purple tone hearts with tinges of orange, green & translucent. Glossed.

2 sets available.
1 set has 4 pcs.
Price a set S$8.00

This is my last upload today.

AC268 x 2 (Sold Out)

2 heart focals with blue roses, white, gold & translucent colors.
Tiny pearl inclusions are embedded on each heart.
These are glossed.

2 pcs available.
1 pcs @ S$6.50

AC267 x 2 (Sold Out)

2 square focals in fuschia, white, translucent & gold tones.
4 crystal rhinestones embedded.
These are glossed.

2 pcs available.
Price for each @ S$6.00

AC266 x 2 (Sold Out)

Black, white & fuschia vertical stripe pillows.
Glossed and with black abstract butterfly inclusions & flowers.

2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC265 x 2 (Sold Out)

If you are a follower of my beads, you can see that I am trying to replicate AC250 which many of you have requested for... only this is in purple. :p It's just as pretty!

These are glossed with silver glitters.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$9.50

AC264 x 2 (Sold Out)

Sand base tone with gold, translucent, white & red swirls.
These are glossed.

2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price for a set S$9.00

AC263 x 2 (Sold Out)

These pillows look like quilt blankets to me.
Note from photo that pin holes are different from my previous batches.
These are glossed.

2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC262 x 2 (Sold Out)

Another batch of "snail" colors.
These lentils are glossed with silver glitters.

3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
1 set @ S$8.00

AC261 x 1 (Sold)

Think neutral, think snails - which got me to make these colors. :) It is khaki color base with tinges of translucent, green, blue & orange.
The heart focal has a very beautiful xilion chaton swarovski crystal embedded. The cut of the crystal gives sparkle like a diamond. (The inset picture shows the actual product and is taken from www.firemountaingems.com)

A set consists of a heart focal & 2 lentils. These are glossed with silver glitters. (Picture doesn't do much justice to these beads. *-* )
1 sets available.
Price for a set : S$9.50

Hello & annoucements

Dear friends & customers,

I will be uploading new batches of beads soon.

Meantime, I have some announcements to make:

I will be taking a break this coming long weekend and therefore will not be able to produce much in time for next week's upload. So, please check back on 21 Aug for the next upload of beads instead.

Do also check back periodically at Bead Treasure Chest for the latest beads & findings that we have put up for sale. Don't miss some awesome goodies that you may find there!

Thanks also to all who took part in my mini poll over the last few days. As we all can see, many have requested for more pillow beads to be made. I will try to accede to all your requests soon.

Finally, I want to wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day! Do enjoy the weekend... am sure its a good time for retail therapy. :D

Thank you all for your kindest support always.

Cheers & enjoy the beads today!

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