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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

AC367 x 1 (Sold)

A heart bead focal in gold and black rose design.
Crystals and mini pearl bead inclusions intensifies the bead design.
Only 1 piece!
Price : S$9.00

This is my final item today. =)

AC366 x 2 (Sold Out)

I positively like these square focals!
I found these 2 filigrees in my supply box - which I kept for the longest time and immediately found use for it now!
Needless to say, these are exclusive focals.
Price for a piece : S$10.00

AC365 x 2

These are tangerine canes with the black rose cane in lentils.

A set consists of 4 lentils. 2 sets available.

Price for a set : S$12.00

AC364 x 4 (2 sold)

These are also exclusive creations for CNY. Can you see the tangerines? =)

A set consists of 2 pillows and 2 lentils.
4 sets available.

Price a set : S$15.00

AC363 x 3 (Sold Out)

Fiery design teardrop beads.

3 pairs available only.

1 pair @ S$7.00

AC362 x 3 (Sold Out)

Bright & cheery colored lentil creations.

A set consists of 4 pcs of lentils.
3 sets available.

Price a set : S$12.00

AC361 x 4 (Sold Out)

I've used some layering technique for these beads. Beneath the blue flower translucent layer, there's the black rose design - which doesn't appear well in the pictures though.

A set has a rectangle focal & 2 heart beads.
4 sets available.
Price a set : S$12.00

AC360 x 4 (Sold Out)

A set has a heart focal with a pair of pillows.

There are 4 sets available.

Price a set : S$13.00

AC359 x 4 (Sold Out)

More exclusive cherry blossom focal beads.

There's only 4 pairs available.

Price a pair : S$9.00

AC358 x 3 (Sold Out)

Another exclusive set of cherry blossom with black and white rose lentils.

3 sets of 4 pcs each set is available.

Price a set : S$14.00

AC357 x 3 (Sold Out)

I love these!

These are exclusive cherry blossom pillows. A set consists of 4 pcs. Only 3 sets available.

Price a set : S$15.00

Upload & announcements

Hi everyone,

I'll be uploading my beads around 2pm today. As a reminder, please collate your orders into 1 email and send it in only after all the items are uploaded.

Chinese New Year is 2 weeks' away and I will be very busy with preparations from next week onwards. Thus my next bead upload will fall on 12 Feb 2008. The time upload schedule for that day may fall in the late afternoon instead.

I hope you'll enjoy my beads today. There are many exclusive designs meant for CNY too!

See you soon! =)

p.s. If you are a regular to my blog, you may recall that I had a blog selling my stash of bead collections. I have since moved to another "shop" and I've uploaded them only yesterday. Do check it out HERE The link to the sale of bead stash can also be found on the right side of this blog under the column 'Related Links'.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another cane I was inspired to make today...

Couldn't wait to upload this mandarin orange cane. I hope you like what you see cos the beads I had made turned out pretty cute! =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look at my canes!

I made these 2 canes a few days ago and I am loving the effects that they have created in my next batch of beads! I have been experimenting with layering on my beads that produces interesting results.

I especially love the 1st cane, which was meant to be pussy willow design but turned out more cherry blossom than anything else! Just nice for some CNY bead collections that I have made so you will expect to see a variety of beads using these canes. I will also have some more heart beads design too as requested by some of you. =)

So till next Tuesday, adios!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's Still Available

Many many thanks for your reservations today. I am deeply touched by the many of you who emailed me and waited faithfully for my bead uploads! =) You really made my day with all your encouragement. I hope to bring you more prettier beads the next round which is on 22 Jan 08. Please make that date with me!

For quick reference, these are still what's currently available :

AC353 x 2
AC351 x 3

Have a good week!

AC356 x 1 (Sold)

This is another special heart shape focal. Only 1 pce is available.

I've embedded a purple rose flower at the tip of the heart. With mini pearl beads as the stem and 2 swarovski rhinestone crystals that acts as the leaves.

Price for this focal : S$10.00

This is my last item for today. Please send in your email orders soon. (I'll be out in a jiffy to pick my daughter up from a class. Will update blog as soon as I get back.)

AC355 x 1 (Sold)

This is a special edition sweet heart focal. Only 1 pce available.

I've embedded a light pink rose on the tip of the heart, with mini pearl beads as the stem & 2 swarovski rhinestone crystals that acts as the leaves.

Price for this focal : S$10.00

AC354 x 3 (Sold Out)

There are 3 sets available.

A set consists of 1 rectangle focal + 2 hearts.

Price a set : S$12.00

AC353 x 3 (Sold Out)

There are 3 sets available.

A set consists of 1 heart focal + 2 lentils.

Price a set : S$12.00

AC352 x 3 (Sold Out)

There are 3 sets available.

A set consists of 1 focal heart + 2 rounds. The heart focal has 3 pink crystals embedded on the side.

Price for a set : S$15.00

AC351 x 4 (Sold Out)

There are 4 sets available.

A set consists of 2 pillows + 2 hearts, as shown on the left.

Price a set : S$14.00

AC350 x 3 (Sold Out)

There are 3 sets available.

A set consists of 1 heart focal + 2 pillows as shown on the left. The heart focal has a swarovski rhinestone crystal embedded.

Price a set : S$15.00

AC349 x 4 (Sold Out)

There are 4 sets available.

A set of beads consists of 2 lentils + 2 hearts as shown on the left.

Price a set : S$12.00

1st Upload for the Year!

Hi everyone,

I'll be uploading my latest batch of beads very shortly. These will be my Valentine's special.

Do remember that you can now send in your reservations via email to me, instead of using the order form I previously had in my blog.

I hope you'll like my beads today. Enjoy!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Greetings


I hope 2008 is treating everyone well so far. I have moved back to my sweet home in the east but there's still a lot of things to do in the new-old home. It's the only thing keeping me extremely busy these 2 weeks and thank goodness I am back on track after a bout of fever.

Have you made your new year resolution? I have made several (kiasu, I guess) and will share 2 with you.

  1. I would like to spend more time nurturing my children academically.
  2. I hope to rise to another level in clay bead making... =D
I already feel like its going to be another busy year!

If you have been visiting my blog the past few days, you will notice that I've made some minor changes here and there.

Firstly, the good news is I've decided to absorb the local standard postage fee! (yay!) For registered mail option, you will need to add S$2.50. (Overseas postage option and shipping fee remains unchanged.)

Secondly, I am going to do without the online order form you needed to use to place your orders! (yes there is an itsy reason behind this change =p) With less hassle on your end, you now only need to send me an email when placing orders for my beads. The usual conditions to placing your orders will still apply.

As for the next upload on 8 Jan 08, if the little bar of blinking hearts below my blog header did not give away any clues, then let me share that it will be a Valentine's Day edition! Yes we all have to prepare for Valentine's Day promotion soon, don't we? =p So expect to see heart shape beads in every set and more. =)

Till then, have a great weekend!! (aren't we all still in a holiday mood?)


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