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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Showcasing ~JARDIN MYSTIQUE~ creation!

*Blushing again* Deesse has also chosen to name this pair of pretty earrings after me!
Thank you to you too! :)
If you're interested in this creations, please drop by JARDIN MYSTIQUE today!

Showcasing ~BEYOND CREATIONS~ creation!

Jolene - the blog owner, has named this creation after me. *blush*
Thank you! It's really sweet of you.
If you're keen on this pair of earrings, please get in touch with her at BEYOND CREATIONS today!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thanks for your orders!

All are sold out.

Let's make a date again next Tuesday. :)

AC184 x 3 pairs (SOLD OUT)

These square beads look like wood!
The colors are formed with mixtures of red, black, blue & white. With clear rhinestones embedded on each piece.
3 pairs for sale.
Price a pair : S$4.20

This is my last set of upload today. :)

AC183 x 2 sets (SOLD OUT)

Another set of attractive colored lentils of red, beige, black, white & translucent.
Looks like the rising sun!
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price a set : S$5.20

AC182 x 3 sets(SOLD OUT)

The pic above is exactly what contains in 1 set of these special mix beads.
1 pair of lentils & 1 pair of hearts in shades of pearl, translucent, red & turqoise.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$6.00

AC181 x 3 sets (SOLD OUT)

These pillow beads look like faux zebra furs. :p Very animal like!
In contrasting shades of black, white & red trimmings.
3 sets of 4 pcs each available.
Price a set : S$6.40

AC180 x 2 pairs (SOLD OUT)

I would like to make these exquisite looking hearts my special edition ones. :)
In gold, red & black & 2 lt.blue rhinestones embedded on each heart.
2 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$6.40

AC179 x 4 pcs (SOLD OUT)

Another retro style beads. These are heart focals in shades of marine blue, white, turqoise, black and red. Eye catching!
4 pcs available.
Price a pce : S$2.50

AC178 x 4 sets (SOLD OUT)

If you like retro stuff, these pillows are it!
In marine blue trimmings & centre attraction of white, marine blue & turqoise swirls.
These beads are also glossed.
4 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$3.30

AC177 x 2 sets (SOLD OUT)

Lovely pink, lt.blue, lilac and tinge of gold for these teardrop shape beads.
Very very sweet! Great for earrings.
I have 2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price for a set : S$5.90

AC176 x 3 qty (SOLD OUT)

Hi everyone,
I will be uploading 9 items today. Would appreciate if you can submit your orders in 1 order form. To be fair, I will only accept the orders after all has been uploaded. Thanks for your co-operation and have fun today! :)

Square shape beads in shades of marine blue, yellow & pink swirls. I've glossed these beads already.
I have 3 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$3.90

Monday, May 28, 2007

Extra beads for sale - buri beads (1SOLD)(2 reserved Emily)

These are hand-shaped crescent beads, imported from the Philippines, and made from the nuts of the Buri tree. Dyed in purple. Very interesting to work with.
I have 3 packets of 10 pcs each strand for sale.
Price for a strand : S$1.50

Extra beads for sale - milky aquamarine flat briolettes (SOLD)

I also have one strand of 10 pcs for these flat briolettes.
Faceted & in milky aquamarine.
Price : S$5.00

Extra beads for sale - Quartz glass donuts (SOLD)

I bought these from the US too.
Quartz glass focal donuts in translucent sea green, and the other is clear with tinge of sea green.
Price a piece : S$2.00

Extra beads for sale - green faceted briolettes (SOLD)

These are gorgeous glass briolettes with round base.
The facets are cut very clearly & brings the green out very well.
I have a strand of 13pcs available.
Price : S$5.00

Extra beads for sale - faceted flat briolettes (SOLD OUT)

I have 2 strands of 13pcs available for sale.
These are faceted flat briolettes in aquamarine.
Price for a strand : S$4.00

Extra beads for sale - Red czech glass beads

Chilli red drop beads - very attractive color.
I have 2 packets of 10 pcs for sale.
Price a packet : S$1.40

Extra beads for sale - Glass jet czech beads (SOLD OUT)

I have 2 packets of 6 pcs of these glass beads for sale.
Bought them from the US.
Price a packet : S$1.40

Saturday, May 26, 2007

To all that had placed custom orders...

... hi gals... I appreciate your patience with the custom beads. I have many backlogs to clear& also gotta work on the new batch of beads for upload on Tuesday. So I want to apologise for any delay. For those that placed custom orders last week, I will get back to you next week.

Have a good weekend.... at the GSS ya! *wink*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New look.

I changed my blog colors & uploaded my logo today. Hope you all will like the colors you see as I like them very much. :)

Showcasing ~NATURE AUTUMN DESIGNS~ creations.

An interesting handmade necklace with my claybeads as side focal! :)
If you're interested in owning this piece, please visit NATURE AUTUMN today!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Showcasing ~MY BEADS CAFE~ creations!

Gorgeous creations by Sharon - using my handmade claybeads as focals.
Do visit MY BEADS CAFE today if you want to own her creations!

Woo hoo!

Thanks to all for your quick actions! Do check items with your names next to the beads you had reserved. All beads are taken up.

I will be sending out email confirmation by tomorrow.

Sorry to the rest who did not manage to reserve any this week. Do look forward to next week ok?


AC175 - Tulip Pillows (SOLD OUT)

More tulip pillows! :)
Am sure I need not describe the beads as it's quite clear in the picture.
These are going in pairs. I have 3.
Price for a pair : S$3.90

That's all for this week!

AC174 - Sunrise (SOLD OUT)

Sunrise is a special mix set of 2 teardrops & 4 round ones.
Almost like Flamingo except the body is in orange.
I have 2 sets of these available. (1 set comprises of exactly what you see in the picture)
Price for a set : S$5.00

AC173 - Flamingos (SOLD OUT)

In rich & vibrant colors. These square beads in shades of red, green, beige, orange & white.
Also 2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price for a set : S$5.70

AC172 - Twinnings (SOLD OUT)

Translucent clay with orange, white, green & red vein designs.
These pillow beads come in 2 sets of 4 pcs.
Price for a set : S$6.40

AC171 - Chromes (SOLD OUT)

I actually have 8 pcs of these instead of 6 pcs you see in the picture.
Black based round beads with gold, maroon & orange swirls.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price a set : S$3.60

AC170 - Metallica (SOLD OUT)

Yes... finally some lentils! hehe...
In silver body and in 2 shades of purple & black swirls.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
price a set : S$4.80

AC169 - Mini volcanos (SOLD OUT)

Almost similar to volcanos except the base is in ash brown tone.
Also smaller so they are good for earrings.
3 pairs to go!
1 pair for S$2.80

AC168 - Volcano (Sold Out)

These teardrop focals will make a statement in your creations.
Shades of purplish hue, black, gold & red.
Only 2 pcs available.
1 pc for S$2.80

AC167 - Dreamy Heartz (SOLD OUT)

These hearts really look dreamy from the photo!
Nothing sweet but rather edgy.
In shades of red, gold, green, white, fuschia & translucent clay.
There are 4 pairs available.
Price for a pair : S$4.20

AC166 - Marbles (Sold Out)

These rectangular beads are specially glossed this time. As I felt that the colors will come out better with the gloss instead of leaving it matte. :)
Use them as focals in your creations. Shades are in a mixture of green, gold, black, purple, orange & translucent clays.
I have 3 pairs available.
Price for a pair : S$4.00

AC165 - Violas (SOLD OUT)

Violas are in shades of purple, pearl, orange & gold.
It's a cheery batch of beads!
Comes in 2 sets of 4 pcs.
Price a set : S$5.90

Disregard uploading time

Hi everyone,

I will be uploading my batches of beads very shortly. I just wanted to inform all that from next week onwards, to please disregard the time schedule of 3-5pm for upload of new beads. Uploading will still be on every TUESDAYS except that as soon as I can get the beads ready, I will upload it. So just check back regularly on every Tuesday for new stuff ok?

See ya later!

Monday, May 21, 2007

New Logo

Dear everyone...

I had some time today to revamp my logo. :) I had wanted something simple & clean cut (& also not so large) so here it is! Can I request that all who have linked me in your blog/website can relink me again please! Thank you so much! *muacks*

Showcasing ~MIC TIARA DESIGN~ creations!

Once again, creations featuring my handmade claybeads as focals in both items. :D
If you're interested to own any of these, please head on to MIC TIARA DESIGN today!

Another showcase from ~PETALTHOTS~

Another pair of great looking earrings with my handmade heart shape beads!
If you're interested in this item, please visit PETALTHOTS today!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Showcasing ~ILLUSIONS-AVENUE" creations!

Once again, creations with featured handmade claybeads from ~The Art of Clay~!
If you're interested in owning any of the above items, please visit ILLUSIONS-AVENUE today!

Showcasing ~BEAD HAVEN~ creations!

Handmade beads from ~The Art of Clay~! The blue heart was custom ordered. :)
If you're interested to own any of these pieces, please visit BEAD HAVEN today!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Schedule to Upload Creations

Dear everyone,

With regards to many new feedbacks of my claybeads made in limited quantities and getting taken up too quickly, I've decided to re-schedule my new beads upload day. (I'm getting too tired rushing to make new beads almost everyday too.)

It will now be uploaded on a weekly basis. So you can expect more variety, more quantities & more opportunities to own them. :) Plus its also kind to your pockets & you get to save on postage too!

Please mark your calendars :
EVERY TUESDAY is buy beads from Ade day! :p
(except public holidays or otherwise stated)
Upload time : Between 3-5pm
All transactions must be closed by FRIDAYS
Packages will be mailed out within 2 days after payment is received.

This will take immediate effect. So sorry to kill your anticipation today. My next upload of new beads will be on 22/05/07 instead.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and understanding my move on this.


Note : you can find updated buyer's information HERE

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1 more set available!

AC163 x 1 is still available as of now. If you're interested, please send in your orders soon. :)

For those who have already placed orders, I've sent you an email. Please check!

Thanks once again for all your orders! See you all on Thursday for more creations.

Have a nice evening.

AC164 - Tulipia 3 (SOLD OUT)

Heart focals - pin hole is top-down. With 3 lt.blue crystal rhinestones embedded. Good for necklaces!
Selling by the piece. 2 pcs available.
Price : S$4.50

That's all for today. :)

AC163 - Tulipia 2 (SOLD OUT)

Rounds beads - exact match to Tulipia 1.
3 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price for a set : S$5.80

AC162 - Tulipia 1 (SOLD OUT)

Tulips are my favourite flowers.... :) I finally created a tulip design for the beads!
I will be uploading 3 items today.

'Tulipia' are in shades of fuschia, green, lilac, gold, black & ecru (beige) as the body base.
I have 3 sets of 4 pcs for these pillow beads available for sale.
Price for a set : S$6.00

Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogger problems

Thanks everyone for your orders. Everything is being reserved. As I have problems accessing my post for item AC158, I'll let it be known that the other 2 sets are being reserved by JamieC & PriscillaL. I will update that post as soon as blogger solves the problem.

See you all tomorrow.

AC161 - Rosa 2 (SOLD OUT)

These hearts are really pretty to look at! What's more, I've added clear crystal rhinestones on it! The size for these are too big for earrings so do take note.
So am selling them in pairs. 3 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$4.00

That's all for today! :)

AC160 - Rosa 1 (SOLD OUT)

More pillow creations!
These are in burst of colors of lilac, purple, fuschia, yellow, blue, white & pearl.
Slightly larger than the previous ones I made before.
I have 2 sets of 4 pcs each available.
Price for a set : S$6.00

AC159 - Miranda 2 (SOLD OUT)

Pillow beads again! These are starfish designs.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
Price for a set : S$4.90

AC158 - Marinda 1 (SOLD OUT)

Welcome back to my blog! Hope you had a nice weekend with your mommies... :D
Today, I will have 4 items to upload.

These square beads are large enough for focals in your necklaces & bracelets creations.
'Marinda' has shades of orange, red, silver, gold & pearl. Oh and not forgetting, I've added in light blue rhinestones on each of it too.
I am selling these in a pair. 3 sets available.
Price for a set : S$5.00

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Extra Findings for sale - Fancy Earwires (SOLD)

When I bought these, I wasn't aware that the earwires are actually thicker than the usual ear hooks we use in our creations. They are really very pretty earwires but I don't think I need so many for myself. It may not fit everyone's ear holes. Again, in high silver plating & purchased from US.
I only have 5 pairs in a packet for sale.
Price : S$3.60

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