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Friday, March 30, 2007

AC57 - Geisha (SOLD)

For something dark & subtle with a little peek-a-boo, these would be great!
Price for a pair : $2.40

AC56 - Kimono (SOLD OUT)

This is all there is for Kimono! Please give & take the width measurement of 20-22mm.
Black base with red, white & pearlize clay lentils. Doesn't it look like kimono? :p
Choose to buy...
a pair for $2.40

Thursday, March 29, 2007

AC55 - Enchanted Forest (SOLD)

Price for this pair : $2.40

AC54 - Buds (SOLD)

Cute square flower beads!
Comes in a set of 6 pcs for $3.00

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

AC53 - Blossom (SOLD)

I really hope my photo taking did justice to these lentils as with those that I uploaded tonight.
If not, I'll probably retake it again tomorrow morning with natural lights.
Similar to 'Blush' but slightly bigger and only in 1 pair.
Price : $2.60

AC52 - Bloom (SOLD OUT)

Round beads to match 'Blush' and 'Blossom' coming up next!
a pair for $2.20
Note : all beads are currently glossed.

AC51 - Blush (SOLD)

Yayy! This is the end product using the flower cane as part of these lentils.
Pretty? :p I like it!
Get a pair @ $2.40

Flower Cane

I'm so glad I finally achieved this cane that I want to share with you! This was truly hard work for me... which I can appreciate tonight as my 2 little kiddos are in moo-moo land. ;p
I have made some lentils and beads with this flower cane and will be loading them up for sale very soon! Stay tuned!

AC50 - Hershey's (SOLD)

A simple pair of grey tone lentils with gold & fuschia design on side that looks like a drop of Hershey's chocolate... don't you agree? :D
Price : $2.30

AC49 - Sahara (SOLD)

An exotic looking pair of marbled lentils... shades of purple, turqoise, white, sea green and grey.
Price : $2.40

AC48 - Rays (SOLD)

A pair of cone shape lentils with sea green, red, gold, fuschia & white.
It looks very clean and fresh!
Price : $2.40

AC47 - Crackle Heart (SOLD)

This is an unusual creation that I decided to give a try.
Marbled heart with purple & grey tones with specks of black glitter on the sides.
Price : $2.00

AC46 - Windy (SOLD)

Oops! I realised that there is a slight dent on the top left lentil... can you see it?
I won't be pricing that piece. But I will still include that bead in this set. The other 2 lentils are all right. (in case you don't mind using it)
Up for grabs for : $2.20

AC45 - Deep Blue Sea (SOLD)

There were many positive comments and enquiries over the marbled lentils I made previously with leftover clays!
Well here is another one! Only 1 pair and I do love how the blues turn out!
Price : $2.40

AC44 - Laguna swirls (SOLD)

There are only 3 lentils here ... the 4th one didn't turn out right! :(
There are 2 pcs of 20mm and 1 pce of 22mm.
Will sell only in a set!
Colors of marine blue, brown, white, sea green, fuschia & black.
What a sea of colors!
Price : $3.20

AC43 - Oceana (SOLD)

This is a casual set.
Translucent, white, marine blue, brown and gold combinations.
Price : $4.40

Monday, March 26, 2007

AC42 - Bewitched (SOLD)

This pair of cone shape lentils is never to be repeated!
I've mixed and marbled several leftover clays together and viola! It turned out pretty nice!!
Price : $2.20

AC40 - Yin Yang Twist (SOLD)

This pair of lentils in this set is cone shape more than flat ones.
With matching round beads.
Price for this set : $3.50

AC39 - Pomelo (SOLD OUT)

Not that the name of these lentils have anything to do with pomelo! I was just thinking of that fruit so decided to use it. :p
Silver base with sea green, white, black and fuschia.
Price for a pair : $2.20

AC38 - Leopard Tears (SOLD)

Sorry to kept you all waiting!
Been working hard on designs this afternoon... but I think my mood got in the way. Weather was way too hot for me... :( There were many unsuccessful attempts.
This is a shape I've never tried making before. Teardrops! Holes are drilled on the sides.
Get this if you want something unconventional! ;)
Price for this pair : $1.90

Available Clay Colors

Hello! I will be collecting my clays at the post office later today! *excited* Meanwhile, the above chart is this batch's clay colors available for custom make orders. Please use this as your reference when ordering. Note that color may defer from your screen and the final product. My raw clay stocks are pretty limited (they are not exactly cheap) and will be replenished when necessary. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My clays arrived but....

... it went back to the post office!! Was not at home when Mr Postman arrived yesterday. :( So now, gotta wait for Monday to get it collected. *Itchy hands* Cannot wait to work on some fresh new lentils! :p

Friday, March 23, 2007

AC37 - Sun swirls (SOLD OUT)

Unlike the other lentils I made that were flatter, this has more cone shape.
This is one of my favourites! I like how the colors turn out here.
Great for elegant creations.
Only 4 pcs!!

Price for a pair : $2.30

AC35 - Xanadu (SOLD)

This set is pretty retro looking! Think disco lights... ;)

Price : $4.60

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Replenishing my clay stocks!

Yippeee!! Manage to order a batch of clays for my work to satisfy all your cravings! I'll be expecting to receive them next week so will be working on a lot more colors & designs. :)

Thanks so much to all you sweet missys who have enquired and purchased my creations. Those who placed custom orders did throw in a few challenges to me which I love! :p The response have been overwhelming to me and I appreciate the support for local crafting!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Oooooh I have fallen in love with the colors that turned out in these lentils.

If there are no takers, I will use them for my creations. :p

Price for this set : $2.90

p.s. oops forgot to include its measurement in the picture. Width approx.15mm

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Show me your creations!

If you had made purchases of my handmade beads and have used it in your creations, show them to me!! I would be so excited to see your beautiful creations!!

Just forward me your link on it and I will link your banner up on this site too! :)
(and hopefully you will link mine to your site too!)

AC32 - Snail swirls (SOLD)

This set has brown & shade of pastel pink on one side. The contrast is much more stunning than shown in the picture!

Price for this set : $3.60

AC31 - Berry swirls (SOLD)

This set has the colors of blue berries and red cherries!

Price for this set : $3.60

AC30 - Sea storm SOLD

I had several requests to replicate AC19... but as with handmade items, each batch of beads I create always turn out different.

So I figured I would try something similar to AC19's bead colors. I will be uploading 3 of them today but they all have their own unique character for each set.

This one here has more blue in it. Looks like a sea storm brewing!

Price for this set : $2.90

Monday, March 19, 2007

AC29 - Tequila! (SOLD)

I like the colors that turn out in these beads. Purple and brown with a light shade of pink!

Price for this set : $3.60

AC27 - Retro (SOLD)

This pair of lentils will certainly brighten up any creations with red, white & blue!

Price : $2.20

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did you know....

... for every purchase, I will be giving away free samples! So expect a surprise in your package when you order beads only at ~The Art of Clay~.

AC26 - Silk Road (SOLD)

I retook another photo for AC26 today. Look what natural lighting does to this picture! (see the original one taken below which did not do justice to the beads.)
I took them out today for a look and the colors made me happy. :)
Hope it will make you happy too!

Quite similar to AC25, except there's no gold & black details on these. It also has a matte satin finish if left unglossed with specks of shimmery details.

Price : $3.80


This pair of lentils has a matte satin finish if left unglossed. With interesting black and gold details. :)

Price : $2.20


This pair of unique beads has an assortment of colors. Pink, brown, fuschia, orange, purple, grey & white. An interesting focal for sure. :)

If you notice there are little specks on its body which are actually rather shimmery. But no guarantee if the shimmers will maintain if you choose to have it glossed.

Price : $2.40

Friday, March 9, 2007

How to care for your clay beads...

Here's something I want to share about caring for your clay beads.

As with your jewelry creations using silver materials, the clay beads acquired at ~The Art of Clay~ deserves equal care. The finished beads can also be fragile when mistreated.

If you are using clay beads in your creations thats meant for sale, please advise your customers to refrain from washing or applying other chemicals (perfume, detergents etc.) onto the beads. Gently wipe the beads after each wear with a soft cloth to maintain its quality.

AC23 - Summer round beads (SOLD)

This is also a set of beads - not for individual sale.

Price : $2.20

AC22 - Summer Hearts (SOLD)

This comes in a pair.

Price : $2.20

AC21 - Summer Round Pendant (SOLD)

Price : $1.90

AC20 - Summer rectangle (SOLD)

Price : $1.40

My Summer Collection coming up next!

Will be uploading the next few creations as my summer collection.

I will upload them as for sale individually. But if there's any combination you want to get, there will be a 10% discount! Hope you like them. :)

AC19 - Blue waters (SOLD OUT)

I felt this set gives a rather calming effect!

Price : $3.00

More info about my handmade beads...

Most of the beads are in matte finish - something that I personally prefer. If you wish to have your beads in gloss, please request it in your order. Glossy finished beads will take an extra day to get to you. There is no surcharge for it though! ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

AC18 - Candy swirl set (SOLD)

This color combi really reminds me of candy!

Price : $4.20


A pair of lentils - ideal for earrings.

Price : $2.20

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

AC16 - Tornado (SOLD)

The shape is made to resemble pillow... make that an edgy one.

Price : $2.20

AC15 - Lentils (SOLD)

A set of 4 beads.

Price : $3.80

AC14 - Rocker beads (SOLD)

Think punk rock in gold. :p

Price : $2.60

AC13 - Hearts! (SOLD)

If you love romance, you will love these set of beads.


AC12 - Edgy beads (SOLD)

This is another edgy looking set of beads. The combination of colors give it a "dirty" look. Good for gothic creations.

Price : $4.50

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