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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Clay Bead Customisation (updated)

With immediate effect, all exclusive bead customisations are welcome anytime provided you meet a minimum of 12 pcs per design*.

It can be in assorted shapes but design and color details must be maintained.

*Exclusive here means I will not re-produce the same design you ordered to anyone though color combination is not limited to this. However, if there are bead production rejects from you, it may be used as sample beads or part of an assortment to interested parties.

Price per dozen basic design beads typically starts from S$30.00 and above, depending on sizes. Focals will be priced higher. Please ask me for a final quotation.

Please allow up to 14 working days for beads to be completed.

My working principle
It is my obligation as the artist, to discuss and obtain agreement from you of your desired design/color combinations. Once I have proceeded making them, it is preferred that you do not change your mind. In the event that you do and if the changes are extremely different from what was agreed upon, a 20% surcharge of the quoted price will be imposed. However, if the end product does not meet my personal expectations, I will advise the buyer about it. For that, if there are any decisions by either party to make changes to the design/color to the beads, there will be no surcharges.

Shapes available for customisations are mainly :
LENTILS / HEARTS / TEARDROPS / PILLOWS / ROUNDS / SQUARES / RECTANGLES or any other shapes you have in mind, do let me know. I love challenges. =)

DEPOSIT (Term as at 19/07/07)
A minimal deposit of 10% from the total agreed price is now required. This deposit will ascertain your genuine purchase before I produce the desired beads for you. Buyers can pay the balance amount after you've seen & accepted the final product, which will be communicated through email. In the event that a buyer backs out or stops communication about their order, the deposits will not be refunded.

Terms & Conditions
Colors are subjected to availability.
I will not oblige to accept an order if its beyond my ability to produce a particular design. Please DO NOT ask me to repeat an exact design from previous makings as I will not be able to do so.
Prices are subjected to change at my discretion.

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