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Friday, October 26, 2007

Availability Update

Thanks for your swift orders! Please check the side bar for other availability of beads.

I will revert to the successful buyers by end of today with a confirmation.

Once again, thanks for the support! It feels good to be back. =)


AC324 x 1 (Sold Out)

White roses on black coin focal.
Only 1 available.
Price : S$8.00

This is my last item today. Please take note that order forms received during my uploads will not enjoy priority... Thanks.

AC323 x 3 (Sold out)

Vintage mini lentils.
A set consists of exactly the above combination.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$9.00

AC322 x 4 (Sold Out)

Another favorite of mine today. Sweet roses on white base.
A set has 2 coin beads + 2 rounds.
4 sets available.
Price a set : S$10.00

AC321 x 3 (Sold Out)

'Bananas in pyjamas'! (If you watch Disney channel, you'll know what I'm talking about. =p)
A fun set, it consists of 4 striped pillows with white trimmings.
3 sets available.
Special price a set : S$10.00

AC320 x 3 (Sold Out)

Heart focal in black/white swirls with a hint of fuschia. Tiny pearl inclusions on side.
3 pcs available.
1 pc for S$7.00

AC319 x 3 (sold out)

I love black & white creations! You can never go wrong with them. =)
A set consists of 2 lentils + 2 mini pillow beads.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$12.00

AC318 x 3 (Sold Out)

Muddy pink based with fuschia swirl hearts & crystal inclusion.
3 pairs available.
Price a pair : S$7.00

AC317 x 3 (Sold Out)

A set consists of 2 pillows + 2 hearts.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$12.00

AC316 x 3 (Sold Out)

Fun floral round beads. White based with random green & orange flowers.
A set consists of 4 pcs.
3 sets available.
Special price a set : S$7.00

AC315 x 3 (Sold Out)

Mocha and cream swirls!
A set consists of 2 lentils + 2 square beads.
3 sets available.
Price a set : S$9.00

Monday, October 22, 2007

Schedule for bead uploads

Hi everyone!

Thank you for waiting patiently. =) I am pleased to announce my bead upload schedules!

My next surprise upload will be this coming Friday, 26 Oct in the afternoon between 2-4pm. So do look out for my latest batch of beads. =)

As I had mentioned in an earlier post in September, I will be uploading my beads on alternate week instead of every week and changes in timing. The days will still be the same - on Tuesdays.

So after the surprise upload this Friday, the start date of the bi-weekly upload will be on 6 November. The time will change to afternoons instead, between 2-4pm. I will post the upload dates on my blog for your easy reference.

Do also bear in mind that I will likely stop my uploads in December for my moving back into my renovated home... I can't wait to move back in so that routines can be on track again. =)

See you all this Friday!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blog Updates

Hello everyone. =) It's been a while since I updated my blog. My family and I have finally moved into our temporary lodging place and almost settling in. I must thank my other half, who helped ensure that the internet connection is up and running so that I can resume my internet activities. =P

Thanks for the many emails I have received during my absence from blogging. As I am aware of your anticipation, I am trying my best to plan an upload next week. My creative juices are still trickling in so nothing is concrete at this point of time. (I am mentally and physically quite drained with the moving!) I will re-confirm the day and time again. =) Do be a little bit more patient with me as I sort out my priorities. But if you have any inspirations for me, do send them my way... it could just be the magic potion I need!

Thats it for now!

Have a great time for the rest of the weekend.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mount Faber Safra Club Bazaar

Hello peeps!

Am announcing on behalf of my friends that they will be manning a bazaar stall selling crochet hats, bags and accessories for little girls!! These are mostly imported ones and am sure they are all very very lovely! So take note of these dates :

27 & 28 Oct 2007
Time : 11am - 8pm
Table no. : 18 (great number gals!!)

You don't need to be a member to enter the club premises unless you are using their facilities. =)

Hope to see you there!!

(Oh and in case you're wondering, I'll be uber busy with house removal from now onwards so there won't be any surprise updates for the next2 weeks ya...)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

AC314 x 1 (Sold Out)

This is the only large focal I made which is good for necklace creation.
An artsy purple striped flower pot with 3 baby blue roses in it.
Fabric mini roses are used and I've also added an image transfer of a lock, shaped of heart on the front of the pot. =)

Price for this piece : S$9.00

*An original creation by The Art of Clay*

That's all for today's surprise. =)

AC313 x 4 (Sold Out)

Another set of little 'pots of rose' beads making their debut in my blog!
Each pot has a flower design and are decorated with rhinestone crystal & mini pearl inclusions.
Sweet baby pink fabric mini rose are used for this creation. Pots are marbled in beige tone.
Great for earring creations.

There are 4 pairs available.
Price for each pair : S$10.00

*An original creation by The Art of Clay*

AC312 x 4 (Sold Out)

These are little 'pots of roses' beads making their debut in my blog! I love them cos they look really pretty. =)
White & purple fabric mini roses are used for this creation. Pots are in earth tones.
Great for earring creations - definitely unique.

There are 4 pairs available.
Price for each pair : S$10.00

*An original creation by The Art of Clay*

Change in upload time this morning

Am running a little bit late with errands to run so please check back on my uploads between 10-11am. See you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hello everyone!

Amidst my packing of home, my brain was working hard to come out with new creations too... and I'm happy to let you know that I made some new beads today. Yay! (much to my husband's amusement though) I admit that I am experiencing a bit (ok ok a lot) of withdrawal symptoms. Imagined that I had packed my crafting supplies neatly in the box and then I started digging them out again. haha! I need to release creativity here else I will break down. =P

So yes there will be a surprise upload tomorrow morning around 10am (SGP time) so please stay tune! There won't be a lot of beads but they are making a debut in my blog and definitely one of a kind pretties. It should be quite fun to work with them. =)

Am actually excited to upload them but they are in the glossing process right now so I can't take pictures to upload today. So see you all around tomorrow ok?


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