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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wishing all Chinese customers & visitors a

Happy, Healthy & Prosperous
Lunar New Year!

May the year of the Ox take our craftings to higher heights and for gloomy times be a thing of the past soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

150109G (Sold)

Rose tone oval beads with black mother-of-pearl cabochon set in.
Comes with matching lentils.
Price : S$15.00

This is my last item today. =)
Please collate your orders in one email and send it to me.

AC1501f x 3 (Sold Out)

Pink & white stripe beads with rose motif.
(okay so this is the only set that doesn't look very nonya!!)
3 sets available.
Each set contains 2 pillows + 2 rounds.
Price a set : S$10.00

AC1501e x 2 (Sold Out)

Lotus flower design on these purple-blue base beads.
A set contains 2 pillows + 2 rounds.
Price a set : S$10.00

AC1501d (Sold)

Rectangular beads in lilac base, with gold frame. Ideal for earrings.
Price : S$8.50

150109C x 2 (1 Sold)

Bright and cheerful orange based beads.
A set contains 2 lentils + 2 hearts.
Price a set : S$10.00

AC1501b x 2 (Sold Out)

Coin shape beads in turquoise base color with attractive rose and butterfly design.
A set contains 4 beads.
2 sets available.
Price : S$11.00

AC1501a (Sold)

Gorgeous ocean blue base beads with gold foil.
This exclusive set contains 4 lentils + 1 heart focal.
Price : S$14.00

Bead Sale Today!

Hi all,

Since my post on being "partial" Peranakan, a couple of customers commented that they have noticed how the Peranakan loves bright bold colors. They also noticed that most of my bead creations have quirky and bold colors and if it's got anything to do with my origin? LOL! That's a very very cute observation coming from 2 separate individuals!!

I told them I would like to think that it's my sub-conscious mind of being one made me come out with all the color combinations!! ^__^ I do like making statements with bold colors for sure when it comes to designs, my home and accessories for fashion (though not necessarily on myself). So......now you know a little bit more about me ya! =p

Do enjoy the beads coming right up! Imagine all you must in the colors of a sarong kebaya to appreciate them. =)


Monday, January 12, 2009

New beads upload this week!

It's been quite crazy juggling time with kids classes and the mental exhaustion is taking a toll on me. But I shall endeavor to have my bead sale this week because I miss holding one!! =p (Next week will be even crazier to prep for the Lunar New Year... *__*)

So do look out for it this Thursday, likely in the afternoon.

As I don't think I'll be settling into a fixed routine in the weeks and months to come, I would have to put my regular alternate Tuesdays bead sale on hold too. As a guideline, I would still like to hold between 1-2 bead sales per month. Announcement of bead sale day will be made in this blog so do visit often or bookmark this site for updates. ^__^


p.s. I know I still owe someone her bead customisations... =p dear, I will do that for you before my bead sale. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have you caught the Nonya fever?

There's been so much hype about our local drama serial "The Little Nonya". Sad to say, as I did not catch the first few episodes, I stubbornly refused to catch up and follow through the rest of it. Guess I'll wait for the rerun now! *__*

I too, have the Peranakan blood. Dad's parents are the true blue ones and my mom became a convert after marriage. ^__^ I too must rave that she cooks absolutely wonderful Peranakan dishes which she picked up from my mama (what I called my dad's mother). My ji-hia (what I call my 2nd brother) is also very involved in reviving our local Peranakan culture and is actively producing music for Main Wayang.

Now I would also like to take the opportunity to share with you about this unique culture - the clay beads way! If you are familiar with colors of sarong kebayas that the nonyas wear, then you can look forward to my next batch of beads to be of the closest kind! I am in the midst of researching for designs and I think it will be interesting to make jewelries out of them. Wearing a little Peranakan culture on you will be truly unique.

Do visit my blog again for more updates of the sale of beads. Hopefully soon as I am still in the midst of sorting out my priorities.

I am ending this post with 2 pictures I had taken at our Peranakan Museum some time back to give you a better idea about the beautiful colors I am talking about. Hope to see you soon.

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