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Monday, April 30, 2007

AC131 - Cherry Blossom Collection (3) (SOLD OUT)

If you like these hearts, you can buy them in
2 pairs for $5.60
or 1 pair for $2.90

That's all for today dearies... sorry didn't have much inspiration to do much today.
Have a great holiday tomorrow!!

AC130 - Cherry Blossom Collection (2) (SOLD OUT)

This comes in a set of 5.
Price : $8.20

AC129 - Cherry Blossom Collection (1) (SOLD OUT)

These lentils will be sold in a set of 5.
Shades of pink, beige & white.
Price : $7.20

Uploading beads in collections

Dear everyone,

from today onwards, I will be uploading beads in collections rather than in different shades/designs on the same day. In a collection, you will find beads with one main colour theme. Occasionally though, I will surprise with upload of an assortment of clay beads.

As tomorrow is a public holiday, I will not be uploading any new beads. The next batch will be available on Thursday. So for those who make orders for today's collection, there will be an exception to close your transactions this Friday instead of Wednesday. :)

Today's beads are coming right up!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

New payment condition for buyers & buyer's profile

Dear buyers,

I have been struggling to cope with orders that have been pouring in. I constantly seek to improve your buying experience with me, as I really do not wish to mess up any of your orders - especially since I try to accommodate to all your different requests. It is rather difficult for me to keep up with the pace. Sorry for my incompetency... :(

So, I have been thinking all day today what I can do to improve the situation I am in. This is what I came up with and I hope it will help.

Orders placed on Mondays & Tuesdays
Payments to be received by Wednesdays

Orders placed on Thursdays & Fridays
Payments to be received by Sundays

This will take effect on 3 May 2007 (Thursday).

I regret to inform you that I will not take on requests to hold on to your reservations beyond the stipulated ordering days. Once payment is received, I will ship items out the next day.

I am in the midst of creating a buyer's profile whereby when you place your future orders, I will have on records to refer if you wish to leave your beads matte or glossed - instead of me asking you everytime you order. So on your next order, I would appreciate if you all will indicate your preference and I will take that as a permanent reference unless otherwise stated.

Thanks once again for your continued support!

Showcasing ~PETALTHOTS~ creations!

If you like what you see and wish to purchase them,
lease visit PETALTHOTS today!

Friday, April 27, 2007

AC128 - Chevron (SOLD)

Another special set! In orange base, blue, white & gold.
Only 1 large focal with 6 20mms lentils.
Price : $7.50

That's all for this week girls! For those not updating their orders, would appreciate if you can close transactions by Sunday so that I can prepare to send them out on Monday ok?
Have a great weekend y'all! *kisses*

AC127 - Vintage hearts (SOLD OUT)

These are are main focals - great for necklaces & bracelets. I forgot to illustrate the pin holes but its sideways so imagine cupid's arrow going through a heart.
Picture really doesn't do justice to this intense colored beads! :S
2 pcs available @ $3.00 each.

AC126 - Camellia (SOLD OUT)

You know what, I really think I should make my square lentils as my specialty... seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback and requests for more. :D
These are in orange, maroon, white, pearl and black.
2 sets of 4 pcs are available.
Price : $6.00

AC125 - Tainted Hearts (SOLD OUT)

Because its raining and cloudy, I didn't manage to take good shots of today's batches of beads.
So I hope you will all go with your instincts when you order any today. :)
There are 8 hearts here. Silver on one side, bold colors of yellow, black, fuschia and blue on the other.
If you take 4 in a set, the price is $5.80
A pair will be @ $3.00


Once again, yesterday's batch of beads have been reserved/sold. Am sorry that I am unable to keep up with all your orders. But I am very appreciative of your patience and kind understanding.

I will try to make some new ones today. But may not be many as I have errands to run this afternoon. Do check back again in the evening. Hopefully will get some beads out by then.


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes am panting... very exhausted today. I'll have to doll up for a wedding reception tonight. So ladies, please be patient with me if you have placed any orders ok? I'll only respond tomorrow. First come first served on email orders. Have a great evening!

AC124 - Violet Rays (SOLD OUT)

This is a special set.
There's one larger focal and the rest of 4 in 22mm size.
Price : $7.20

AC123 - China Pink (SOLD)

Set of 6 pcs for $8.90
a pair for $3.10

AC122 - Fabric Hearts (SOLD OUT)

There are 6 hearts here.
Am selling in pairs only.
1 pair going for $2.90

AC121 - Amber Rounds (SOLD OUT)

I also have 2 sets of 4 for these round beads. Matches 'Amber'.
Price for 1 set : $3.80

AC120 - Amber (SOLD OUT)

Oksss.... here are some more squares!!
I have 2 sets of 4 pcs for sale!
Price for a set : $6.00

AC119 - Gold Dust (SOLD)

One and only pair!
Price : $3.40

AC118 - Orange Fizz (SOLD OUT)

A set of 4 for $6.00
A pair for $3.20

AC117 - Vines (SOLD

A myriad of eye-catching colors!
A set of 8 for $7.00
A set of 4 for $3.60

AC116 - True Hearts (SOLD OUT)

2 pairs for $5.20
1 pair for $2.70

AC115 - Venus (SOLD OUT)

2 pairs for $6.20
1 pair for $3.20

AC114 - Garden Pink (SOLD OUT)

2 pairs for $5.50
1 pair for $2.90

AC113 - Desired Hearts (SOLD OUT)

2 pairs for $5.20
1 pair for $2.70

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sneak peek for you?

If you'd like to know, I managed to find some time this afternoon to get some creations done for uploading tomorrow. My back hurts from all the work! :S But results are worth the while. :D

Please don't rush to make any reservations as I will only accept orders from tomorrow onwards.
Till then, stay tuned! *wink*
Now... what's for dinner....

Wednesdays are my off days from clay! :p

Hehe... I am self-declaring Wednesdays as my off day from uploading clay beads to sell. Wednesdays are busy days for me as I have so much to do with my kids too. This is also an opportunity for me to process all the pending orders & experiment what other designs I can offer in my clay beads when I do find the extra time.

So girls! Please take note of this and you too can take a breather! *wink* For those with pending reservations, you too can take the opportunity to close your transactions.

Take note ya! *hugz*

*UPDATE* forgot to include public holidays too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is another unrelated post to my clay beads.
I just received this from a friend. Its scary, but I find it so true as I am in one of the stages now and I cannot help but agree all that is being written.
This is a meaningful reminder to everyone.
So... be happy, stay happy, live happy!

AC112 - Ash (SOLD)

I'll let the photo do the talking! :p
Price : $3.20

AC111 - Cocktails (SOLD)

I like how these turn out!
Price : $3.90

AC110 - Silk Swirls (SOLD)

Same swirl effect as 'Peacock' except this is fuschia based in color.
Comes in a set!
Price : $5.00

AC109 - Peacock (SOLD)

Today am uploading 4 creations. Tomorrow I will not be available to make any new stuff so would appreciate for all those that have made reservations to try to close your orders soon. :) Thank you!

These are pretty large focals - great for necklaces or bracelets. In pearlized white based & peacock feather shades.

If you like, you can get this pair for $5.00
or a piece for $2.60

Monday, April 23, 2007

Showcasing a customised creation

Ok let me start the ball rolling for the 'showcase of completed creation' cateogory! ;)

I had very recently received orders from an online fashion portal and this bead design is made exclusively for AsiaDolly. Have a look at the raw bead and the completed creation just below it!

So don't be shy, send in your creations to me using the clay beads that you've purchased from me and I'll do a feature of your item here at no extra charge!

AC108 - Chamomile (SOLD)

I like the earth tone colors that turned out in this rectangular focal.
Price : $3.30

AC107 - Petals (SOLD)

Pearlised based beads.
A set of 10 for $8.90
A set of 5 for $4.60

AC106 - Flora (SOLD)

Charming colors of lilac, gold and green swirl beads.
Price for a set of 6 : $6.20

AC105 - Malibu (SOLD OUT)

Striking yellow in these lentils. Great for bold creations.
Get all 4 for $5.60
or a pair for $3.00

AC104 - Royal Blue (SOLD)

Red, white, gold, blue and black lentils.
Get all 4 for $5.00
a pair for $2.60

While ordering, please....

... do use the online order form as provided in the blog. This is better for me to keep track of your orders rather than having to receive to and fro email requests - which has been rather confusing of late. If there's any message you would like to include in the order form, you can always do so in the 'Special Instructions' column. Then wait for me to contact you about your orders. I'll always try to revert within the day of your order, or the very next day at latest. :)

To make things easier, for those that have ordered from me before, you can exclude your address as I have them on records. I will make sure to confirm your addresses before I send your orders out.

I would appreciate everyone's understanding. Cheers!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


... just want to say thanks for all the overwhelming support of my clay beads! While I strive to make more (but yet keep the designs unique), I hope you girlies will understand if I cannot revert to you as soon as I wish. Definitely I will try to revert to any queries or orders by 1-2 days so please bear with me. I do have a family to mind - 2 children & 1 big baby! hahaha (oops!)

Note that orders received by email are first come first served. So please don't be too disappointed if you don't get what you wanted to buy. Just keep looking out for new creations during the weekday ok?

Cheers to all and a good wkend to you!

AC103 - Royal Violets (SOLD)

Purplish shades for these swirl beads.
A set of 10 is $8.90
A set of 5 for $4.60

AC102 - Frangipani (SOLD OUT)

Seem the past few square shaped lentils have been rather popular. Shall I make this my speciality? Tell me about it!
Ok these sets has 3 colored flowers all swirled together. Pretty shades of orange, white, turqoise, lilac, gold, pearl and red (somewhere around).
Get this set of 6 for $8.60
or a pair for $3.00

AC101 - Megan (SOLD)

I named this after my daughter while she is helping me organise the beads scattered around my work table! haha! :p
Notice there will be more hearts being uploaded. Why ah? Because Mother's Day is around the corner.... *love* *love* *love*
This heart focal pin holes are top down from centre.
Price : $3.00

AC100 - Orange Peel (SOLD OUT)

Orange flower on silver lentils. These are my kind of perfect lentils!
Notice the flower has black & white swirls too!
A set of 4 for $5.80
A pair for $3.00

AC99 - Carrie (SOLD)

A sweet, sweet looking heart focal... pin holes as illustrated so will look like a cupid arrow going thru the heart. :D
Price : $2.90

AC98 - Lavendar Blooms (SOLD)

I've had requests to make square shapes lentils.
These will be sold in a set of 4.
Price : $5.00

AC97 - Green River (SOLD OUT)

A pair of green based lentils with white, blue and gold swirls.
Price : $3.90

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Have you been tickled today?

This post is totally unrelated to the clay beads I make but I want to share it with you cause I am such a sucker for these kind of things. :p

This is an interesting site that I had not visited for a long time and they had just prompted me to visit them again soon. So tonight, while the cats are asleep, the mice will come out and play! (cats = kids. Mice = me.)

Check it out and find out something new about yourself. Hope you'll enjoy!

Take your TICKLE TESTS now!

AC96 - Daffodils (SOLD)

My favourites today...
Selling in a set of 6 for $5.90

AC95 - Batiks (SOLD)

I am in a bit of a hurry to go out now... but cannot resist putting these new creations up!
I'll let the pictures do the talking. any questions juz drop me a note!
Get all 6 in a set for $8.50
a pair for $3.00

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh no... my itchy fingers.

I was trying out a new template... and all my sidebar info is gone! *sob*

Now I'm trying to restore them. Sorry if I inconvenienced anyone. Those sites I linked will be back in track soon. Please bear with the bareness for a while! Will rectify it tonight.

AC94 - Angelic's Twin (SOLD)

How "original" is thy name of lentils. haha!
This the set I was mentioning in the 'Angelic' posted earlier.
Notice the lines are in different direction? :D
Get all 4 for $5.80
or a pair for $3.00

AC93 - Queen of Heart (SOLD)

Fit for a Queen! :p
In Gold streaks, red and white.
Only 1 available!
Price : $2.90

AC92 - Maiden (SOLD)

I really like the colors here... white and fuschia!
There's 2 teardrop beads & 4 rounds in this set.
The teardrops are side-drilled at the tips.
Get this set for $5.00

AC91 - Nana swirls (SOLD)

These are like the previous post for 'pink cow' beads! :p
Except this are bigger in size. Great for necklace/bracelet focals.
Get this pair for $3.90

AC90 - Turqoise flower beads (SOLD)

You can use these rounds to match AC89 lentils. They are in the same turqoise shades.
This will be sold in a set of 4.
Price : $3.90

AC89 - Angelics (SOLD)

Sorry to keep everyone waiting again!
been working hard this afternoon so hope you will like these new creations.
This lentils has turqoise, red, gold and white shades.
Do take notice that the stripes on it are horizontal and meets in the middle.
I will be uploading another similar set afterwardsbut the lines will be vertical toward the middle. ;)
Get all 4 for $5.80
or a pair for $3.00

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