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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beads Preview

Some of the beads I worked on the last few days... :)

See you at my next batch of bead sale on 3rd July 07.
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A pair of earrings I made...

... using my handmade clay beads and it is now available at www.crafted-with-love.com
Do visit the website and lend your support by purchasing or contributing your craftworks.
All proceeds will go to an animal shelter.
The website is done up & maintained by a very charitable & dedicated crafter - Mandy. Do visit the website for more information on how you can play your part today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Custom orders are temporarily closed

Dear friends & valued customers,

I will not be accepting any custom orders for beads at the moment till further notice. There are just too many orders to attend to before I can open up this section again. Once I can breathe better, I will let you know. :)

You may still email me for enquiries or quotations.

Thank you for your understanding!!


Thanks for all your orders today. All beads are sold.

I will contact the successful buyers later today.

Thank you very much once again, for your interests in my clay beads. :)

Have a good week!

AC215 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

These are large flat teardrop shape pendants in an assortment of colored lines with red & white as dominant. The pin holes are near the tip through the sides. These are glossed.
2 pcs available.
1 pc @ S$4.50

This is my last post for beads today. :)

AC214 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

Here's another special set comprising of 3 lentils + 4 round floral beads.
2 sets available.
1 set @ S$8.00

AC213 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

Rectangular shaped beads with flower designs.
Shades of purple, lilac, fuschia, pink, tinge of blue and green..the base is white. Looks good in matte finish.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set for S$7.50

AC212 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

This is unique set of 2 hearts + 1 flower bead.
It's my first try for such flower bead so do let me know if I should experiment more of these. :) No moulds involved in these beads I made.
The heart shape is slanted at the pointy tip and pin holes are illustrated with peforated lines. These are glossed.
I have 2 sets available.
1 set @ S$9.00

AC211 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

Simple round flower beads with purple flower motif.
The base is like in milky skin tone shade.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set @ S$4.40

AC210 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

I hope you all can see the heart shape beads cos the bead positioning did not layout well.
Though the colors are the same, 3 pairs of these hearts look different in the color layout.
1 pair has more greens/blues, 1 pair has more reds/black and the other is equal in the greens/blues & reds/black. :p All 3 pairs have rhinestone crystals embedded on one side.
Sorry though there will be no choice of which beads you will get. Surprises can be nice. :p
3 pairs available.
1 pair @ S$6.00

AC209 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

These are the sweetest of the lot. I am happy that these coin beads turn out in good proportions as I do not use moulds to create shapes of my beads. They look very nice in matte finish.
The base of the beads are in fuschia and with translucent clay layer, the colors look a little milky with purple flowers.
3 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set for S$9.00

AC208 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

Perfect match to AC207 pillows. :)
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set for S$4.90

AC207 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

These are the only pillow beads today. And I only have 3 pairs for sale. They are glossed.
In intricate vein design & in burst of assorted colors though can't tell from the picture.
1 pair for S$3.90

AC206 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

These are the only square shaped beads with diagonal pin holes today.
Copper based, with red/white & blue/gold swirls. Not forgetting red glitters on them. These beads are glossed.
2 sets of 4 pcs available.
1 set for S$9.00

AC205 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

I personally like these very much. :)
Deep purple tones with lilac & the "veins" in red, white & orange. They look good in matte finishings.
I have 2 sets of 5 pcs each available.
1 set for S$9.00

Hi all...

I will be listing my new batches of beads soon. But as usual, would appreciate if you could tabulate your orders and send in 1 order form when I am done posting the last item. I will let you know when its the last item. :)

Today's upload is dedicated to all those who have sent in requests for lilacs, pink & all the sweet sweet tones! I think today's batch is the sweetest lot I've ever made. I've also not forgotten to make my usual artsy beads for the artsy fans. :) Hope you gals will like the variety!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sneak a peek!

Heez... couldn't resist putting up the next batch of beads I made today for your preview. :D

Hi everyone!
I promised cheerier colors for the next batch of upload. So here's a peak at what I've been working on.

I've had people asking me why my clay beads are different from the others they have seen which are very floral & dainty... well, my beads are nothing too sweety - more on the artsy, bolder & a little edgy at times. That is the difference with the beads I offer. That is more me. :)

Oh and there will definitely be other kinds of colorful designs that I am still working on so make a date to visit my blog on Tuesday for a chance to own them as they come in very limited quantities! :D
See you! Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks for your orders!

All items are sold out.

Sorry again, to those that were unsuccessful in the acquisition of my clay beads. But do look forward to more creations next week.

To those that were successful, you will here from me soon.

And I aim to bring you brighter & cheerier colors for the next batch of beads. Have a good week!

AC204 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

I love the color combi for this rectangular shaped beads.
Red, blue, turqoise, green, copper & white.
2 sets of 4 pcs for sale.
1 set @ $6.00

This is my last item for today. :)

AC203 x 1 (SOLD OUT)

I only have this 1 set of 5 pcs of special lentils up for grabs.
Translucent base with blue/gold roses & streaks of red & copper.
Price for this set : $9.90

AC202 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

These hearts gives me a bollywood feel!
Brick red color with traces of gold, green & translucent clays.
And olivine teardrop crystal rhinetones to top it up.
These are currently glossed.
2 sets of 4 pcs for sale.
1 set @ $9.50

AC201 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

This is my first try for coin shape beads. :)
Silver based with butterfly... or drangonfly? You decide. :p
3 pairs available.
1 pair @ $3.60

AC200 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

These are my favoritest favoritest beads ever! :p
I love the bright colors and there's only so few to make in this batch. (a bit reluctant to sell actually...)
So if there's no takers, I will keep them for myself. :D
Only 3 pairs available.
1 pair @ $4.00

AC199 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

Square beads with diagonal pin holes - in bright colors of blue, turqoise, green, gold & white base.
2 sets of 5 pcs available.
1 set @ $9.00

AC198 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

These are a special set of hearts. 1 focal & 2 little ones.
Black based with red & blue roses in a swirl & a flower shape inclusion on the sides.
2 sets for sale.
1 set @ $8.50

AC197 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

Round black based beads with blue & red roses, randomly placed on the beads.
Looks like cloisonne beads! These are glossed.
3 sets of 4 pcs for sale.
1 set @ $5.40

AC196 x 2 (SOLD OUT)

These are the only capsule beads today too.
NOT for the faint hearted! :p A mixture of different canes to it makes it feel very amazon jungle like. 2 pinholes go through the sides of each capsule.
2 sets of 4 pcs for sale.
1 set @ $6.80

AC195 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

These are yellow based lentils with the same unknown beige flower I made, red & blue roses.
3 sets of 4 pcs for sale.
1 set @ $6.60

AC194 x 3 (SOLD OUT)

These will be the only pillow beads today. :) I have 3 sets of 4 pcs each.
Am not sure what beige flower I came out with (hahaha!) but there are also blue and red roses.
1 set going @ $7.00


Good morning everyone.

I will be uploading my beads for sale very soon. But before I do that, I would appreciate if you could collate your orders into 1 order form and submit it only when the last item is listed so that my mailbox will not be flooded. I will let you know when its the last item. :)

Thanks I would really appreciate your co-operation.

Hope you will enjoy the beads today.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sneek a peak!

hehe... I made a pile of beads today. Took me almost a whole day and my shoulders are aching! ^-^

Took a picture of the beads and couldn't wait to show you! :p

All these and MORE when I reveal the next batch of beads this coming Tuesday.
Don't forget to visit my blog again!
Have a nice weekend.

Showcasing ~CASA-BOUDOIR~ creation!

Evolna has created this unique bracelet with my pillow clay bead. :D
Visit CASA-BOUDOIR for more creations today!

Showcasing ~CREAM-INDULGE~ creations!

Jamie has used my clay beads for her earring creations which is stunning indeed!
Visit CREAM-INDULGE today for more creations!

Showcasing ~CREATIONS FOR YOU~ creation!

A cool creation (your choice of what you want it to be) with clay bead focal. :D

Home Sweet Home

Hello all! I have returned from my trip and it sure feels good to be home! :D

I've received a lot of custom orders this week! Thanks so much for it & your patience. Please give me some time to collate your orders (and think/plan over it a bit) before I revert to you. Do note though, I can only start working on your orders after the upload of Tuesday's batch so please give me time.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Perfecting thy rose cane...

Ahhh... at last I've achieved what I've wanted to! :p

With all these canes I've made, I hope to produce more beads for next week's upload.
Once again, thank you all for your patience with me this week and I hope you will always enjoy my handmade beads. *muacks*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Made new canes today!

Yepps! Found time this evening while am still waiting for the husband to knock off from work to bring us out for dinner. (starved!) Kidz are taking their naps! :D

Showcasing ~JESS CREATIONS~ creation!

An attractive pair of mismatched earrings!
To own this, get in touch with JESS CREATIONS today!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Showcasing ~NATURE AUTUMN~ creation!

Another gorgeous creation by Nature Autumn with my special capsule beads!
If you would like to own this bracelet, please get in touch with NATURE AUTUMN today!

Showcasing ~PINK BOUDOIR~ creation!

This unique necklace has been sold but I couldn't resist showcasing it. :)
For more unique creations, visit PINK BOUDOIR today!

2 more canes!

Worked on 2 more canes. Butterfly & another flower cane. Nice? :p

Rose Cane

Helloz all! Weather in KL is fine. Shopping... none yet. Hotel stay... GREAT! :)

Now now, don't think for once that I may be travelling and out of touch with my clays. I brought my clays up so that I can make some canes to prepare them for next week's upload! hehe... so here's a cane I made this morning. It's supposed to be look like a rose but I guess I'll do more perfecting later on. :)I'll try to make & upload more canes when I have the time later. Now it's time for lunch!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I will be away!

Hi all,

I will be out of town from this weekend till end of next week. (yay! my kids & I gonna visit my travelling husband. :p)

Therefore, I will not be accepting any requests for customisation of beads from now till I return as I have backlogs to clear. Hope you all will understand. :)

I will still be contactable since I'll bring my laptop with me on this trip. So if you have any enquiries, please send me an email and I'll try to revert as soon as I can.

Have a good evening! :)

Ooops! Forgot to add that there will be no upload of new beads next Tuesday. Next upload will be on 19.6.07.

Let me enjoy my hobby here!

Dear visitors,

there have been a few anonnymous persons that left messages in my tag board yeseterday which is unrelated to what I do here. I have specifically stated that unrelated posts will be deleted. (I don't agree with slamming by the way.)

This blog is here for me to sell my handmade bead creations and I wish to keep it clean & nice for everyone. If anyone has issues about copyright stuff with other fellow beaders, please liaise with them directly. My earlier posts of supporting originality stands because I wish to abide to the Beader's Ethics which is a standard process for beaders' worldwide.

If it helps to widen your knowledge about it, please read up another FAQ article here

Please respect me & my blog. Let's move on.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thank you all!

Thanks for all your orders today and your continued support. All beads have been taken up.

For those that have successfully ordered, you should hear from me tonite else tomorrow morning. Apologies to those that did not manage to snag any beads today. Do look out for more next week... (hopefully I'll be in town else will let you gals know. *wink*)


Extra beads for sale

Hi Everyone, decided to clear some extra beads again. haha!

Rose Quartz Faceted Nuggets
Clearing all 4 pcs for S$3.80
Size approx.2cm

No.2 (SOLD)
Olivine bone glass beads from USA.
10 pcs for S$2.80

No. 3
Assorted glass beads. This 1 pkt about 26gms - from USA.
There's a matching pair for every shape.
Price : S$2.00

No.4 (SOLD)
Assorted clear glass beads with honey & bronze color inside the bead from USA.
Some look like honeycombs and some big enough as focals.
This pkt weighs 57gms.
Price : S$4.50

No.5 (SOLD)
Oval shape mocha strips over clear glass beads from USA.
6pcs in this packet.
Price : S$1.50

No.6 (SOLD)
Dime beads! Size about 7mm.
10 pcs in this packet.

No.7 (SOLD)
Beautiful blue glass beads. From USA.
This 4 in a packet for S$2.00

Tube glass beads. All these in a packet for S$2.00

AC193 (4 pcs) (SOLD OUT)

I like these rectangular focals! :p
These look mysterious - in shades of gold, black, orange & purplish base.
I've also added little baby clear rhinestones on it. Kind of glamorous.
These focals are sold in pieces.
Price : S$6.00

That's all for today!


This is a one & only set. Picture shows the beads matte but its actually being glossed now. I feel it will look better glossed. :)
In bright hues of yellow, turqoise, white & beige. With red glitters on the side of the square bead only for that extra touch. 4 round matching balls to compliment!
Price : S$6.20

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