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Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi there! Hope everything is keeping you well!

I have been busy manning my online jewelry store and devoting more time to my children these days. Exams are around the corner and its always a stressful time for most mothers. =p

I've also been feeling quite bad that I've not been updating much on this blog shop lately. I have not been able to find much time making clay beads to sell here as bead customisations are taking up some of my time too.

As such, I've decided that priorities need sorting. So I have moved all my available beads to my main Picasa Album that has been a great host! Now everyone will be able to relate to all my handmade items in one place instead of two!! =)

You will now find all our available beads HERE. I will still endeavor to make new batches of beads when the time permits so do make a note on that and update it as your new favourite link. =)) Remember to visit me often!

I look forward to all your continued support! If there's any related matters that you would like to check with me, please do feel free to email me : adeline@adessentials.sg


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